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Eurobash: Episode 74 (w/ Martin Lewandowski, Jack Shore, Graham Boylan, Joe McColgan)

Episode Summary

Martin Lewandowski, Jack Shore, Graham Boylan and Joe McColgan join the latest episode of Eurobash.

Episode Notes

This week on Eurobash, Martin Lewandowski (14:00) discussed the cancellation of KSW 53 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Jack Shore (40:00) gave insight on how he's dealing with his UFC London fight not going ahead. Graham Boylan (1:08:00) underlined his insistence to put on Cage Warriors 113 this Friday night despite the cancellation of multiple events. Joe McColgan (1:28:00) shared his thoughts on going from having no opponent to fighting for a Cage Warriors title in the space of a three-minute phone call. Hosts Petesy Carroll and Niall McGrath discuss the latest news in European MMA.